Residential property management

We have developed a service that recognises every development is different and created a dedicated management team which will focus on the detail.

What does Pentland Estate Management do?
Our role is to provide the management services specified in the lease as well as covenants contained within a Freehold Transfer (TP1). In practical terms this means care of the building's common parts and surrounding estate, in other words everything outside your front door.

Effective communication and dedicated management is the cornerstone of a successful and effective management strategy. To that end, an experienced locally based Property Manager will head up the team managing your development.
We are firm believers in the value of communication. How, when, with whom and what we say is agreed with the client. Media often include a resident's portal affording 24/7 access to development, finance, payment and documentary information. We also arrange and host resident surgeries and informal meetings where residents can call in to raise any issues.

Building and Estate Management
Wherever possible we recommend using contractors who have experience of the development but equally benefit from access to all types of contractors through our vast range of contacts enabling us to meet your specific property requirements.

Through efficient management and economies of scale achieved through our national portfolio, we deliver added value for our clients and have negotiated preferential rates and terms on behalf of leaseholders.
We also provide and manage an out of hours emergency service, which gives residents peace of mind, allowing them to contact us at any time should there be an emergency affecting the communal areas of the development.

A high priority is placed on Health & Safety management and accordingly we ensure annual fire risk assessments are undertaken on the structure and communal facilities. In addition we arrange regular Health & Safety inspections which incorporate all communal areas of the development both internal and external.

Financial Management
We recognise that efficient and reliable accounting is fundamental to successful property management. Accordingly, we work closely with the Resident Directors or Resident Association Directors to prepare a service charge budget in advance of the financial year. Through close collaboration with owners, we are able to influence expenditure while ensuring the terms of the lease and TP1 are upheld.
Where there are Resident Management Companies or Associations, we provide timely and transparent service charge information in the form of quarterly financial reports enabling expenditure to be tracked against budget. This enables proactive financial decision making.

We demand the service charge in accordance with the terms of the lease (apartments) or TP1 (houses) which might specify quarterly, half yearly or annual payments. All service charge monies collected are placed in a client account where all funds are held in trust and ring fenced.

An integral part of our management service is to ensure the terms of the lease or transfer document regarding service charge payments are adhered to, which is undertaken by our debt recovery team. This ensures that unchecked service charge payments do not affect the overall development cash flow and ultimately the delivery of services.

The annual accounts follow the same transparent expenditure headings as per the service charge budget and contain an income and expenditure report and balancing statement which includes information on the bank balance, debtors/creditors, accruals/prepayments and balance of reserve funds. Once completed, they are certified as being an accurate record by an independent firm of Chartered Accountants.

Legal Management
Breaches of lease terms and covenants often occur unintentionally due to unawareness rather than deliberately. We liaise with residents to clearly define what constitutes a breach and what is required to achieve resolution.
Most leases or TP1s include restrictive covenants prohibiting alterations to either the plan or the elevations of the property (for example replacing windows, removing internal walls, constructing an extension etc) without prior consent from the managing agent and/or the freeholder. All owners are required to apply in writing including plans, specifications and if required planning consent is needed which will be referred to our building surveyors to review and approve.

Where leases have a requirement that consent needs to be obtained from the Managing Agent where an owner wishes to rent (sublet) their property; Pentland Estate Management will liaise with owners to assist them in obtaining written approval.

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Pentland Estate Management will act as Company Secretary on behalf of the Resident Management Company, as well as advising Resident Management Directors on compliance.

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